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in action for your purpose

getting started with interactive methods and 'tools'

a strong approach supported by good services

For every goal in each phase of the purpose architecture, we bring in a broad variety of services to chose from and match your needs

supportive 'tools'

A number of our working-sessions are making use of known 'tools and templates' from among others Designthinking; persona map, customer journey map and service scenario canvas.

purpose continuity design

Activating your design on its own is quite an accomplishment. After this it is important to have a continuous learning proces in place to monitor if you you are still on track or adjustments need to be made.

brand development program

brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your brand. We help organizations do this by uniting mission, vision and core values. For that go through three steps; idea generation on branding values, validating these values, creating a brand design.

executive coaching

Initiating the organizational purpose often starts at the top. It helps if your individuals purpose is aligned. That's why we like to help executives leading their organisation with this as a starting point.

value proposition design

collaborate with our experts on designing new or improved value propositions for your customers, in line with your organizational purpose

purpose spark session

In short, interactive sessions we like to take participants into the world of purpose architecture based on our purpose circle in order to better understand the value of purpose-driven organizations.

our services at work

For our customers our services with underlying working methods, tools and templates have contributed to bringing purpose to live in organizations where employees, customers and suppliers, truly feel engaged.

For EGN network we facilitated a workshop to learn the basics of Design Thinking for the workfield of operations

Mark Lindeman
Voorzitter, EGN Network

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GrwNxt is a purpose driven start-up. GrwNxt wants to have a substantial contribution to feeding megacities with fresh, healthy food produced around the corner. GrwNxt serves the great challenges: food safety, food security and food sustainability. There reason to be is to bundle interdisciplinary knowledge, technology and networks to speed up innovation for good food.

Annemieke Roobeek
Founder and CEO, GrwNxt

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