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a structured approach

to already have impact on short term

purpose architecture

from design to activation in a few clear steps

purpose design and activation go hand in hand

With a clear purpose it is more straighforward to let it be the true uniting factor within your organisation.

phase one

purpose design

Goal is to deliver a broadly supported purpose; for that it is important have an inclusive approach. Jointly we look for a variety of opnions and content so that we gradually form a clear purpose for your organisation.

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phase two

purpose activation

A large variety of people interact with your organisation on a daily bases on different occassions. we will find out if these interactions are in sync with your purpose. if needed we will re-design; this could be a leadership style, a working process, or a product/service.

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purpose design and activation in more detail

We follow four clear steps in our approach towards purpose design and activation; identifying, defining, exploring, developing

purpose design

In this step we intentionally look for a large variety of opinion and input that we will cluster and summarize. With that we are ready to move forward into defining the purpose


We will test a few purpose designs with people that engage with your organisation, so that we can ultimately deliver one final version. Ready to move forward into purpose activation.

purpose activation

we'll reveal if the most important interactions between your organisation and people, are in line with your purpose. If not, we'll re-design these so called touchpoints in design sprints.


after launching new touchpoints it is is time to embedd a continous purpose learning cycle, making sure your organisation stays on track.

purpose architcture

Our method delivering organised chaos and clear outcomes.


our starting goal

In every project we help our customers to clearly formulate what measurable value our contribution should bring. Stating what problem we are solving and where to start.



custom designed approach

With our customers we co-design the project approach. We draft a custom approach on how to get to our end-goal. We do this in all cases, large project or small services.


execution in collaboration

As facilitating proces coaches we like to work together with domain expert and particularly als the non-experts to deliver surprising elements in innvation.