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Barry van Oostrom

Founding Father

Barry sees life through rose-coloured spectacles. Preferably together with family and friends to enjoy good conversations, food, drinks and fun.After owning a successful design and advertising agency for over 20 years, he wanted to add more meaning to his work. “With ndorfine I want to teach organizations that meaningfulness and profitability can go hand-in-hand. With my experience of design and developing purpose-driven brands, I give meaning to the 'why' of the organization. From there, we empower employees so that they make genuine and authentic connections with customers.”

Frank Veldhof

Founding Father

Frank makes connections based on creation, fun, common interests and (personal) growth. After 9 years as COO of Hutten Catering, it was time to pursue his dream as an entrepreneur.“I highly value people who stay close to themselves, I use energy as a source of power for myself but also for others. I believe that everything we experience is connected. There is no right and wrong, but connection, respect, peace and (self) confidence are needed to make the world a bit more beautiful."