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purpose architecture as a framework

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We deliver tangible results, following a structured approach. You will role out new ways of working, new products and services, new (marketing) communications styles, all to become more resilient.

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we will focus on activating your purpose

Activating a purpose can be done on different moments in time and in different ways. For that we have a broad variety of services and tools in our portfolio.

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we took pride in working for and our customers

For EGN network we facilitated a workshop to learn the basics of Design Thinking for the workfield of operations

Mark Lindeman
Voorzitter, EGN Network

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GrwNxt is a purpose driven start-up. GrwNxt wants to have a substantial contribution to feeding megacities with fresh, healthy food produced around the corner. GrwNxt serves the great challenges: food safety, food security and food sustainability. There reason to be is to bundle interdisciplinary knowledge, technology and networks to speed up innovation for good food.

Annemieke Roobeek
Founder and CEO, GrwNxt

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